Where to Vick Threats Come From?

Just caught this article on USA Today about Vick’s book signings having to be canceled due to death threats. One of the quoted threats was “I would go there to slit your throat knowing how you treat animals.”

I’m not quite sure what the logic is there. So, because you’re made that someone mistreated animals, you would kill a human? People are stupid. Don’t get me wrong. I love dogs and I’m not down with dog fighting, but c’mon people. ┬áIf you want to kill someone then either you’re a psychopath yourself or maybe a racist. Look deep down and figure out where all that rage is coming from.

If you’re a Philly fan, it just doesn’t make sense to hate Vick. Since he’s come here, he’s conducted himself well, he’s given up his body over and over for the team. He’s a competitor. Sure, he’s turned the ball over, and it looks like his career is on the down side now, but that’s no reason to hate the guy with a passion. The dog thing–I don’t see him running any fighting rings these days, do you? So just calm down people…enough already, seriously.

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