Eagles-Cowboys Is Dead: Eagles-Giants Is the New Rivalry

With the Eagles-Cowboys game just a few hours away, I’m feeling kind of flat. When I was growing up, playing the Cowboys was always an exciting week. They had the talent obviously and they were in our division, but they had a couple of loudmouth and annoying players (Deion, Michael Irvin) that made it worse.  And then there were so many kids my age riding the Cowboys that it made me hate them even more.  Even though the Cowboys often got the best of us, we always gave them a hard time.

But these days, I find myself hating the Giants more.  I especially can’t stand Eli, who is really smug for an average quarterback. Yes, I said it–average.  He has a better offensive line these days, but I’d love to see him try to play QB with the Eagles offensive line. And Eli inevitably throws just some horrendous balls, and more of them should be picked off–and I think they will be.  Plus now we have Victor Cruz and that stupid salsa.  I mean it’s not as bad as the Ray Lewis dance, but at least I can respect Ray Lewis. Every time we play the Giants I want to see some big hits on Eli and Cruz. The fact that the Giants managed to win the Super Bowl last year–which I still have trouble believing given the team’s rather weak defense–makes them more hatable to me than the Cowboys.

So at least for me, even though I still can’t stand either team, I think the Eagles-Giants rivalry has now surpassed the Eagles-Cowboys rivalry. With the Eagles and Cowboys coming into today’s game looking like a couple of hopeless causes, there’s just not much to get excited about.

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